About Me


Hello, my name is Brian and I am mid 50’s. I am what I do believe is in very good health! I was not always in such good health. Growing up through my career as a lighting technician, I would say that I also, like countless others, lived a life of Sex, DRUGS and Rock’ n Roll. After 1 year of college at a business school I went home and started hanging out with some friends that got into working with bands in nightclubs doing sound, lights or back line( instruments).It was awesome. So, I got involved in lighting and made it my career. From that point on my health dwindled. I am very happy to be alive, yet as healthy as I can be.

I grew up in a household with 5 siblings, mom and dad. Dad went to work every day. Mom was a stay at home mother raising 6 kids. I went to a Catholic grade school and was an alter boy for the church till 7th grade when I broke my right ankle in 3 places playing football in a field. We moved to another state and I graduated from a Catholic High School with honorable mention and Vo-Tech for Basic Electrical and Mass Communications. I then proceeded onto college at a business school for Mass Media (TV, Radio, Film, Photography, Newspaper, etc…). I only completed 3 Trimesters then left to go back home and find a career that would excite me. I knew it would be something to do within the entertainment industry ever since I was a child. Having friends that started forming rock bands immediately got me on board. I started  helping out and realized I could  make lights and power them due to my training in Vo-Tech/Basic Electrical. Having such an imagination, I cherished the opportunity to create scenes with lights with a rock band. My career started in small nightclubs and grew to the point of doing International tours with AC/DC.