Are you pregnant? Exercise Regularly!


Are you pregnant? Exercise Regularly!

You all know that exercise brings a lot of benefits to your health. Exercise is also very helpful during pregnancy. Actually, you must exercise lightly, especially during the first few weeks of pregnancy because your body is still adjusting to many changes.

Any forms of strenuous exercise may not good to pregnant. This will only divert blood flow from crucial areas.

It is best to consult your doctor first on what is the right exercise for you. If you don’t have any medical conditions, doctors will advice three to four times of exercise a week. Famous exercises during pregnancy are swimming, walking, and yoga.

You can check out below some points about the importance of exercise during pregnancy.

1. Exercise minimizes the prolong labor and recovery time. It prepares yourself for the upcoming delivery as it boosts your stamina.

2. Develops mental health by lowering stress and improving your emotional condition. Thus, it will help you easily adjust to the challenges of being a mother.

3. During pregnancy, it is easier to have postpartum weight loss if you have been exercising,as most mother’s major concern is how to lose weight after giving birth. Exercise aids in weight management after the child has born.

4. If you do regular exercise and remain healthy, your baby will have the same wellness.

5. Pregnancy may be hard because you will experience some side effects like headaches, fatigue, swelling and constipation. Exercise helps to lessen these symptoms to make pregnancy easier.

6. Studies show that there are 50% risk of having a premature birth. These can be avoided if you commit on a regular exercise.

Not only those, because you should need to drink plenty of fluids before participating in any recommended exercise, take a healthy diet, and avoid exertion. If you feel that you are getting sick, immediately stop and rest.

When delivery comes, you’ll find it easier for you because your body is stronger with the help of exercise. Unlike women who don’t have exercise, they’ll probably experience tough times of labor.

The best thing that you can do for your body and for your baby is to have an exercise. Your baby will definitely marvel at the benefits of the exercise you’ve done. But before that, it is essential to prioritize your safety before anything else. Surely, you’ll have a good experience during your pregnancy if you safely participate in an exercise.

What exercises did you perform during your pregnancy?


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