Bicep Exercise – Things You Need To Know


Bicep Exercise – Things You Need To Know

If you look closely at the bicep muscle you will notice that they are made of a long head and short head. In a good bicep exercise both these heads are worked. Your biceps are in charge for elbow flexion and forearm supination (meaning your ability to twist your biceps in and out). Not the mention the involvement of the shoulders during any bicep exercise

There are many key principles that professionals recommend you keep in mind when performing any bicep exercise. This of course is to make your workout more effective and to help reach your desired goals. Some of the key principles to work your biceps are:

Going heavy with your bicep exercise. Lifting heavy weights is truly underestimated when it comes to building big biceps. a lot of people like performing high reps. That’s fine but if you don’t put in some solid heavy lifting you wont grow to your optimal efficiency

Another tip is intensity. A lot of times if not most of the time people perform there bicep exercise very slowly or too controlled. It’s one thing to keep form but is another to get sluggish. Being intense with a bicep exercise almost guarantees you growth

Another important factor that should be watched is rest. A lot of people underestimate the importance of rest. It doesn’t matter what bicep exercise you perform or how you perform it. As long as you are not resting you simply will not grow.

Here are a bunch of solid bicep exercises

1. Barbell Curls with cheats. This move is great for bicep length and thickness. Make sure to have full range of motion as well as only cheating when you can no longer keep form

2. Incline Curls. This bicep exercise is a nice addition to your workout because it helps give you that overall bicep look by giving you that “connected” bicep to forearm look.

3. Preacher curls. This also should always be a staple. The preacher curl help isolate your biceps so that most of the pressure goes directly to them but at the same time it doesn’t rob the biceps of its strength. It gives enough leverage to lift good weights. And the heavier you can lift focusing only on your biceps the bigger you can get and that’s why this bicep exercise should be a staple.

4. Concentration curls. In every routine you always need a definition based bicep exercise. By that I mean a move that helps squeeze definition into your bicep. and this is the purpose of this bicep exercise

A good training frequency is training your biceps twice a week. An excellent frequency is training your bicep twice a week. This of course is not advised unless you’re getting enough rest in between days and taking in enough nutrients.

Don’t forget that it doesn’t matter what bicep exercise you perform, what matter is how you perform it. Try the principle I mentioned above to fully take advantage of your bicep exercise. And in no time you will have biceps you can be proud off

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What are you doing to build your biceps?


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