Change Your Attitude – Learn to Love Exercise


Change Your Attitude – Learn to Love Exercise

You have probably read about the long-term benefits of exercise: increased energy, disease reduction, longevity, weight management, improved quality of life etc. Most of us are well aware that regular exercise is a vital and critical part of looking, feeling and staying younger and healthier over the course of our lifetime. The need to have the proper attitude towards exercise.

If you want to improve your life in every way, the best place to start is with exercise.

Our bodies need regular exercise; it’s our natural state to be energetic and lively.

When we don’t include it in our lives, we cannot function properly and we cannot feel as good as we should. Regular vigorous exercise will make us saner, happier and healthier. Stay healthy- body and mind.

How is your exercise attitude?
A lot of us wonder exactly how we can motivate ourselves to exercise, just what is this special thing that is needed to get yourself out of bed or out the door and straight to your workouts? The reason that no one can answer this question is because it is different for all of us. But one thing that is known is that part of what determines whether you get to your exercise session or not is your attitude. How you look at your planned workout has a major influence on the importance and priority of it.

Making exercise enjoyable begins in your mind – If you have a positive attitude and can find ways to make your exercise program enjoyable, you will be much more likely to stick with it. It is easy to find motivation to do something you enjoy rather than making excuses why you shouldn’t do it. Exercise will never seem like a chore if you are passionate about it. If you have a bad attitude about this are you willing to change it?

Let exercise help you to meet your other needs – an exercise program can help satisfy your desire for social interaction, self discipline, relaxation, self-discovery, or just give you a break from the stresses of the day. Think about your non physical needs that are important in your life, and try to figure out how activity can help you to achieve them. This can make your exercise program a much more powerful experience and keep you going back for more.

Exercise – your strength and fitness – needs to be in the “first things first” category, because everything else in your life rests upon your good health. Time for fitness is always available when you put first things first in your life.

Exercise is not just something that you do – it is something that you become. Whether you like to exercise or not isn’t really an option, it is a choice – a choice that is dependent on you. Nobody can do this for you – no exercise program or trainer, no pill or supplement. It comes from deep within you – it is in all of us – just reach in and find it. If there is a secret to an endless supply of motivation – there it is right there.

If you have you forgotten how good it is for your sense of well-being or have never stuck with an exercise program long enough to experience it, you will soon have more energy, a better attitude and a gentler disposition. It’s easier to be the kind of person you have always wanted to be. Your strength and fitness are essential to your good health, like eating right, sleeping enough; loving your family and friends and working. Exercise needs to be at the top of your list of priorities and be put first when you understand and accept just how it important it is.

It is so much easier when you don’t have to force yourself to exercise – you actually want to do it. Over a period of time, little by little – health and fitness can become a passion. Make it yours.

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