The First Supper of Success

by Brian Barolo

The First Supper of Success

It takes true commitment to reach your First Supper of Success. Being a newbie in the business world can and usually is going to be very overwhelming. Depending on the actual industry,which will determine how much stress and mental pressure you will endure, has a great impact on your mental health. You are learning all new material and it may feel like you are back in school, but, education is a must in every business. In order to climb the ladder in any industry there is always massive amounts of learning and training. Whether it be hands on training or in classrooms with teachers, coaches, counselors, advocates, etc, there is always going to be tremendous amounts of work. In class or on site you will always be overloaded with information in which you must decipher on the spot. This can very easily get frustrating and confusing to the point of making a decision whether to follow through or not. Are you a quitter or a winner? In order to advance yourself up the ladder of success quitting is not the solution. Education and training and determination is a major key to succeeding.

When climbing the ladder of success a great deal of help is necessary in order to shorten the learning curve for upward advancement in business. Therefore, one must always search and find help from like minded successful people in the exact same business you are learning. A newbie should find a mentor, someone they look up to and listen to and learn from. After all that mentor was once younger and in the exact same shoes struggling through the exact same learning curve as you maybe going through now. Everyone has different learning abilities and we as people all need some direction at one point or another. If you need to ask one question than there is some guidance that is needed. This is where our predecessors come in to help guide us. Be smart and listen to them because they were there already and should have all the correct answers. Take advantage of every opportunity that is available.

When someone is first starting a new career and they work through all there training and education they are getting ready for the real world to come down on them. If they are preparing themselves properly than the stumbling blocks get smaller and fewer. Great gains will be made in their life as long as they stick to the proper curriculum and follow their mentors guidance. One must complete all required steps in their education and training to become the one who stands apart from the rest with great success. Then and only then does the actual First Supper of Success take place. This is when you and all your mentors, coaches sit down to break bread together. Now you are on your way up the ladder to success.

What do you do to succeed in your business?

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