Get a Mini Exercise Bike


Get a Mini Exercise Bike

Exercise bike has long been one of the best choices for effective workouts in the home, but today the workouts is more diverse than ever before. Not only can you select between standard upright bikes, spin bikes, and the very popular recumbent bikes, but the market for mini exercise bikes remains strong as well.

There are three big advantages that a mini exercise bike has over all other options being sold today: it is less expensive, extremely compact, and suitable for literally anyone despite fitness level or body weight.


Most mini exercise bikes sell for a fraction of the cost of full sized bikes. If price is the main concern in purchasing your exercise equipment, you can find a mini exercise bike well under the hundred dollar price point. These models will be lighter weight and may not be as durable as some others, but when used properly should hold up for quite some time.

If you can afford to invest a little more, you can find slightly larger and heavier models that are also more durable. Yet, just like any type of home fitness equipment, price is not always the determining factor of quality. Make sure to read consumer reviews on mini exercise bikes to ensure you get one that will meet your needs and your budget.


Just as the name suggests, a mini exercise bike is much smaller than any other variety of exercise bike. You are essentially purchasing a section of the typical bike frame, including the foot pedal and supporting structure only. Exactly how large this portion is and how much it weighs will vary from one model to another.

The perk to having a smaller sized exercise bike is that it can fit into corners or closets in your home when not in use and they are lighter weight to move from one room to another. Some are so compact you can even take them with you out of the home or tuck them under your desk to burn some extra calories while you work.

User Friendly

A mini exercise bike is the premiere starting point to exercise for people who are too heavy to safely sit on most full sized regular bikes. This is because they allow the user to sit in their own chair or even on the couch comfortably while they pedal away.

They are also great options for people who cannot sit on a regular bike frame due to injuries or illness. They can sit on whatever chair is safe for their condition. This allows people who would otherwise be unable to exercise a chance to workout and burn some excess calories without injuring themselves.

Yet, many people who are completely able bodied and lower in weight also find a mini exercise bike quite useful. They are free to pump their arms with dumbbells or do upper body twists and turns to get a whole body workout in any room of any location their life happens to lead them. This makes the more compact models quite popular with people who travel regularly.

The only real downside to a mini exercise bike is that you don’t get all the fancy technology and preprogrammed workouts that now come standard on most full sized exercise bikes. You do get a small monitor that reports basic feedback such as miles biked and calories burned, which is usually enough for consumers interested in this type of machine.

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