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Get Healthy

Nowadays, a lot of people are getting so may different kinds of illnesses and chronic diseases. In fact even young people are now getting such diseases. A few years ago, such diseases among young children wasn’t even heard of. One of the few things people are doing to get healthy and fit is to proactive a healthy diet.

Eating a balanced amount of food from all food groups, together with exercise or regular physical activity such as sports, can decrease the chance of having health problems. Nutritionists say that although the basic principles of healthy diet is downright simple, there are still people having great difficulty in sticking to it.

The major reason people use as an excuse is mostly a busy lifestyle, a job that causes a lot of stress, or it might even be environment that is not conducive to having a healthy diet. People can start and maintain a healthy diet if they really want to. But I believe that if one really wants it, people can get into a healthy diet lifestyle.

As a starter, it is advised to mix up food choices from each food group. Consuming a significant variety of foods and veggies can also serve as a warm up in avoiding the foods that contribute to drastic weight gain.

To be able to maintain a healthy diet, you must be aware of your body restrictions from fats, salt and sugars levels. Your doctor should be able to perform tests which will tell you if you should limit any of these items.

Experts say that a diet is healthy if it is a balance of these items:

1. A diet which contains starchy foods such as bread, cereals, rice, pasta, and potatoes because they are a good source of energy not to mention being the main source of a range of nutrients of a personal diet like fiber, calcium, iron, and vitamin B; Just don’t overdo this.

2. A diet that has a lot of fruits and veggies such as orange, apples, broccoli, carrots, leafy veggies, beans and peas.

3. A diet with fish dishes that have high amounts of fish oil because it can provide protein, vitamins, and minerals that are not available to other food groups. This is one of the good sources of Omega 3. If you do not have fish in your diet, make sure you take omega 3 supplements. These are essential oils that our body needs.

4. A diet low on saturated fats and excess sugars such as meat pies, sausages, hard cheese, butter and lard, pastry, cake, biscuits, cream and the others. These items are the leading causes of obesity as these cannot be absorbed easily by the body and thus converted to fat most of the time.

5. A diet with low in salt content. Too much salt can raise the blood pressure which can lead to more complicated diseases. A diet high in water content. Our bodies are made up mostly of water. We can survive a few days without eating but we would be dead in about 3 days if we did not take in water.

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How do you get healthy?

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