Online Education

by Brian J Barolo

Online Education

Online Education has come a long way since the early days of computers and the internet. Yes manuals were always available as companies are able to actually get someone to type all of the codes in. Not being knowledgeable of all the technicalities it takes to make such an enormous amount of information transferred onto or into computers, I do understand that every single letter or nunber or character or symbol (keystroke) has to be assigned a code. Just imagin how much work that used to be!

Today as much as our world has transformed and grown in the – now called “Information Industry” (1st time this phrase has ever been used by me), a manual can be uploaded and downloaded in such short stretches of time. As soon as a company is ready to put out a new product or device, it’s user guide/ manual is already been uploaded to a spot on a website. It may not have been released for access yet, but it is sitting behind a curtain waiting for that one technician to push that one key for the world to have access to it. Bam! It is released around the world in a flash of a second! Available for the world to see.

Now look at what the average person is able to do, gain access to so much free and paid information on the information highway. Today there are more different devices than I can count on two hands. Anyone can get access to information about anything at all. Literally anything! What is your favorite device for looking or watching or reading what ever it is at that moment? I am late fifties and I have my preferences of what where when. I prefer my desktop when working on blogs and real work. At dinner preperations I prefer to have my ipad. It is more handy to bounce around the kitchen with recipes. When I am travelling local or far it doesn’t matter the laptop is what is most convenient and powerful. Where ever I may go I always have my iphone. The desktop and router even run to the television because all media is now digital. It is amazing how much our lives have changed since prior computers. Take a look at the differences in the generations and how each observes life.

I used to be in stage lighting and did many rock n’ roll tours and never really got into computers until I started working in lighting/production company offices. I gradually started to learn how-to mainly by picking peoples brains for the correct keystrokes and such. Then after some basics and tons of stuggle in 1998 Google came out and ever since I have become fairly good on what I am doing on the computer. I say this do to the fact that you are able to ask google a question and get many answers, therefore, I started finding my own answers, information and training online. Everyone gets all there info online anymore. Anywhere I am, I will ask my iphone for some information about something, then becomining educated on that particular subject.

As I have grown out of being another number in a company, I am now the proud owner of BAROLO LLC. This being my business, using my developed skills and talents with a computer and the internet, I am able to do whatever I wish. My choises are evolving and should do soin growth. We are a world wide online marketing company offering more than 350 different educational and training courses and systems  with coaching and mentorships available about starting your own internet business. We are proof positive that what we do works. We learn and become educated then we implement the exact strategies as we learn.  We strive to reach Financial Freedom, Time Freedom and Geographical Freedom!


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