The Best Exercise To Burn Stomach Fats


The Best Exercise To Burn Stomach Fats

If you want to know about the best and the most appropriate flat stomach exercise, discover and learn cardio exercise. Oftentimes, many individuals have thought of sit-ups as the best form of exercise to lose abdominal fats and to flatten stomach. The truth is sit-ups really are not that effective for burning stomach fats. To lose abdominal fat is actually to engage in doing cardio exercises.

To flatten abs, all forms of cardio exercise are aiming to increase the normal speed of your pulse rate. The burning fat procedure begins actually when your pulse starts to speed up. And the burning process doesn’t right away stop after you’re done with your exercise session for the day. It will continue on working for the next couple of hours until your pulse rate is back to normal. As long as you exercise everyday or even at least 3-4 times a week, you are losing calories continuously. It will reach to a point where your body is working out the burning process for you automatically.

There are so many forms of cardio exercise that you can do. You can choose from slow pace to fast pace cardio exercises. Usually, people start with doing the slow pace cardio exercises where they gradually shift to moderate then to fast. Flat stomach exercise doesn’t necessarily have to be performed fast.

I have determined some of the common forms of cardio exercise to provide you an idea of what cardio exercise is. These are typical cardio exercise to flatten abs which you can easily perform at home.

Step Aerobics

This form of cardio exercise is what most women do. If you are unsure of performing the right execution at home, you can enroll in a step aerobics class at the gym or fitness center. Your hips, legs, knees and gluts are being focused while slowly burning down your abdominal fat. By doing step aerobics from moderate to fast pace, you are losing more calories. The average number of calories burned when doing step aerobics for 20-40 minutes is 400 calories. Here, you can absolutely lose abdominal fat easily and quickly.


20-40 minutes of cardio exercise can burn approximately 250 to 500 calories. It doesn’t really matter whether you use a stationary or outdoor bicycle because both are effective at losing calories. If you bicycle more often that you usually do, you can flatten your abs in a shorter length of time.


Another effective form of cardio exercise is running or jogging. Running or jogging for 20-40 minutes can lose 300 calories. To lose abdominal fat in a faster and more effective way, jog early in the morning or late in the afternoon or whenever you have extra time.


This is the simplest form of cardio exercise which can let you burn 180 calories for 20-40 minutes. If you walk through hilly path you increase the amount of calories burned. Walking from regular speed to a faster speed can burn a lot more calories than the average.


Swimming is a known form of cardio exercise that is best known as an effective way of losing fat. There are particular swimming strokes like breast stroke which enable you to lose 400 calories for every 20-40 minutes of swimming.

All these forms of cardio exercises, of course, will be most effective when paired with a balanced diet. Watch the food that you’re eating. Learn the different foods that are found to be nutritious and free from too much calories. If you perform well with any cardio exercise or flat stomach exercise but could not keep a healthy diet, expect to maintain weight instead of losing.

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