Tips and reasons to begin doing an exercise

Tips and reasons to begin doing an exercise

A lot of us need to commit an exercise program for us to remain healthy. There are different reasons and tips identified below about the implications of beginning your exercise now.

1. facilitates weight

loss It has been long scientifically proven that exercise burns fats that you have stored. If you exercise and have a regular diet, you’ll lose weight. You consume more calories than when you don’t have any workout. For that reason, if you’re doing a regular exercise, you’ll have more weight loss.

2. Boosts immune system against diseases

The more you do physical exercise, the more your immune system will build up. This may lead to have less possibilities of acquiring different diseases. If you don’t have an exercise you’re prone on developing cancer, diabetes, and heart disease that may result to serious health conditions. Some of the mortality rates that are caused by heart disease and cancer are associated with lifestyles which include of not having a routine exercise. On the other hand, diabetes enhances the probabilities of having heart attacks and even strokes. As you can see, if you don’t exercise these diseases will likely develop and destroy your health. If you don’t want this to happen then begin exercising.

3. Assists recovery from diseases

Recovery and sometimes healing from major and minor diseases can easily be achieved once a regular exercise is established; these include the diseases given above. Exercise can help you maintain your blood pressure, HDL cholesterol level, and triglyceride level to its normal range. There are more, because exercise will also help you lessen the danger of acquiring prostate cancer for men and breast cancer for women. Therefore, you should begin exercising today because all of these are scientifically proven.

4. Stabilizes your mind condition

From scientific studies, exercise will raise the released of endorphins in the body after only 12 minute of workout. These endorphins will defend you from having depression and will provide you happiness. In the other hand, serotonin is another chemical that rise up throughout and after exercise. This chemical contributes to feel a sense of well being and to decline mental depression when its level amplifies in the central nervous system. Not only that, because serotonin will also make you have a better sleep at night.

5. Provides good health

Exercise will transform you into having a great figure and perfect fit; thus, you’ll attain more energy and you’ll become aware of having an excellent mood throughout the day. You will see that you can do the things which you think are impossible for you to do like flexing beyond your expectations.

6. Builds up perseverance

You will become fruitful at home and at work if you commit on a regular exercise because it will give you liveliness. It will provide you with new reasons to fulfil that will make you pay attention to what you aim for. It will also you provide full determination of pursuing your goals without any hesitations.

7. Works out social capacity

Exercise will help you increase self confidence and be active to meet different kinds of people without any uncomfortable feelings. You will face everybody without any hesitations as you know that you are well fit and feel that you look good. It will also aid in developing your relationship with your partner as exercise will make you more interested in having sex.

Lastly, after enumerating the different values of having a regular exercise, you should not think twice for doing it. It is easy because you can go for an exercise at home, outside, or in the gym. You can also choose several types of exercise that may suit you. Use some of your time and begin exercising because this will give you a once in a lifetime feeling of being better than ever before. Surely, your body will be grateful to you.

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There is no doubt that showing up in a gym fails or exercise fails video is not something you want to do. That said, to make sure you never do, you must start with this compilation of 23 of the greatest exercise fails of all time. If you look similar to any of these when you perform these exercises then it’s time that you stop immediately and fix your form.

Here are the 23 exercise fails covered in this video.

Rocking Horse Pulldowns – Momentum is the killer on this exercise. Not only is it taking the work away from the lats but it’s preventing a full stretch on this muscle group on the way back up as well.

Vertical Bench Presses – The goal of the overhead dumbbell press is to work your shoulders not give your lower back a reason to give out on you and become one of the 93% who experience lower back pain at some point in their life.

I Might Piss My Pants Squat – The knees cave in and the squat depth is abbreviated considerably, but why? Is this more of a strength issue or is it a tightness in the hips or elsewhere that is causing you to look like you’re about to have an accident.

The Hunchback Rows – Lack of thoracic extension is a killer and is sure to make you look like Quasimodo in this exercise and every other row for that matter.

The F*ck Ups – This is just a plain abomination of the classic pullup exercise. Stop leading with the chin and pull down with the elbows instead to bring your chest up to the bar to get more work on those lats and less bicycle action from those legs.

3 Inch Curls – We’ve all seen this but are you still doing it? The 3 inch curl is meant to bloat the ego while deflating the actual size of your biceps. Full range of motion with lighter weights is going to win out every single time.

Jackhammer Pushdowns – Not to be outdone, the triceps are going to look for ways out of work as well. Bowing the elbows out to the side and shortening the range of motion on the pushdown is a quick way to turn this classic triceps builder into a pseudo dip that works very little triceps.

Floor F*ckers – Better hope the floor is on birth control. This is no way to try and build a bigger chest by performing quarter rep pushups like this.

Dead on Arrival Lift – There is no faster way to dissemble a perfectly healthy spine than by trying to perform a deadlift without maintaining a strong arch in your lower back. Say goodbye to the discs in your lumber spine if you plan to load up your flexion and pull away until that dang bar gets to your waistline.

Cross Country Curls – This always seems to be a favorite of the old guys at the gym curling away in front of the mirror. Talk about momentum. Not a single curl was performed whenever this was done.

ADHD Raises – The calf muscle is one that responds best to concentrated contraction and focused reps, yet calf raisers across the world seem to prefer mindlessly bouncing around in the middle one eighth of the rep thinking about everything else but what they are actually doing at the moment.

Wilting Walker – This is a common one that you see in every cardio area of the gym. Thankfully, the wilting warrior seems to end their session just prior to the part where they fall off the back of the treadmill.

Chiropractor Crunch and Ear to Heel Side Crunches – These are just plain ugly and immediately qualify you as a dream lifetime client for your local chiro.

The Folding Table Hamstring Stretch and Quad Stretch Shuffle – Not the way to stretch these muscles at all.

Ass Up Planks – There is a reason why this is easier to do than a real plank, so stop doing it this way.

Rotator Cuff Ripper Dips – Dips can actually be ok for developing your chest and triceps. Assume the wrong posture however and your rotator cuff can quickly become a target of being shredded faster than mozzarella cheese in an Italian restaurant.

Finally, the rapid rotator cuff external rotations. Maybe we should just skip this one all together. Let me just say that it is wrong on so many levels and is not helping you to build a more injury proof shoulder.

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